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Edwards & Associates is an international consulting company serving manufacturers in Asia, Europe and North America. E&A also serves Automobile Dealers and Independent Repair Garages. E&A's mission is to help companies to develop their employees' skills, their customers' perceptions of their business, and more importantly, their profits.


March Business Talk:
Larry Edwards, Edwards & Associates Consulting, Inc.
Net Profit on Labor and Calculations

Is your Service or Collision Department generating enough labor sales each month to produce a 20% net profit on labor?

March's Business Talk article highlights the formula for determining labor sales needed to produce a 20% net profit to sales. Larry Edward's article will answer the question why 20% net to sales and the formula used to calculate this!

Click here to download Edward's Business Talk article and read more about

  • Labor Sales Required to Produce a Profit Formula
  • Technicians Needed To Produce Desired Net Profit
  • Three Part Formula to Achieve these Results!

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